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The Golden Rule


"In everything, do to others what you would have them do to you, for this sums up the Law and the Prophets." Matthew 7:12 (NIV)

Directions: Circle the correct Answer:

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1. Little James has a few problems, do you know what they are?

A. He eats too many pancakes, his pj's don't fit, and he's on the naughty list.

B. His backpack is too heavy, he needs glasses, and his hair is too long.

C. He doesn't like to get up early, he can't tell time, and he has issues with others in school.

2. Why did Grandma Doomore tell Little James to hurry up?

A. She's tired of waiting for him.

B. He's running late.

C. His pancakes are getting cold.


3. What was Grandma encouraging Little James to learn about in school?

A. How to tell time and the Golden Rule.

B. How to outsmart Stinky Ruffenhouser.

C. How to tie his shoes.

4. What is the Golden Rule?

A. It's a gold-colored ruler to measure with.

B. Do something to someone else, before they do it to you.

C. Do to others, what you'd have them do to you.

5. Who gave us the Golden Rule?

A. Teachers.

B. Grandma Doomore.

C. God.

6. Why should we follow the Golden Rule?

A. Because our moms and dads make us.

B. Because we're obeying God and it will make us happy.

C. Because our teachers say we have to.

7. Where, in the Bible, can you find the Golden Rule?

A. In the way back, near the last page.

B. In the book of Matthew.

C. In the Old Testament, near the Ten Commandments.

8. Why did Gradma tell Little James about the Golden Rule?

A. Because she loves Jesus and Little James.

B. Because she knew the lesson would help him.

C. Both A and B.

From the story "The Golden Rule," by Kimberly L. Geisler

The Willy Woe Collection - (c) 2011, Kimberly L. Geisler - All rights reserved, worldwide.

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