The Real Meaning of Easter

By Kimberly L. Curtin-Geisler

   Lilly Woe sat and painted Easter eggs. "Oh boy," she said. "I just love Easter time. The Easter Bunny brings me a basket full of candy and hides my colored eggs, and…"

   Milly could hear Lilly talking to someone from another room. "But who?" She thought. 

   "Maybe it'll bring me a toy. Hmmm, maybe a genuine soft and fluffy, Buffy Bunhopper Bunny." Lilly continued. "Yeah, that's what I want. I heard it jumps three feet high when you pull it's tail."

   Milly couldn't stand it anymore. She just had to know who Lilly was talking to and what all that chatting was about. She peeked around the corner of the kitchen door just in time to hear Lilly excitedly proclaim:

"I can't wait! I just can't wait!"

   "Who in the world are you talking to, Lilly?" Milly asked with a hint of frustration in her voice.

   "Myself," replied Lilly. "I'm just thinking of all the nice things the Easter Bunny is going to bring me, while I paint pretty little pictures on my Easter eggs."

   "The Easter Bunny?" Questioned Milly. "What about Jesus?"

   "Jesus?" asked Lilly with a puzzled look. "He doesn't bring Easter eggs and toys, does he?"

   "Oh, no," Milly replied with a giggle. "He gave us something much better than that."

   "He did? Wow, what's better than Easter eggs and toys?" Lilly asked.

   "He gave us ETERNAL LIFE." Milly explained excitedly.

   "Et-i-nul what?" She stuttered.

   "E-ter-nal life." Milly repeated with a grin. "You see Lilly, the whole purpose for celebrating at Easter time isn't because of the Easter Bunny, or candy, or even the yummy eggs. (Even though they are a fun way to bring in the new springtime.) Nope, that's not what the real meaning of Easter is all about."

   "I don't understand." Sighed Lilly. "What is Easter all about then?"

   "Well," Milly began, "The Bible says that Jesus died on the cross to save us from our sins and that three days later God raised Him from the dead. He got to see all of His friends again and even told them that He would go to heaven and prepare a place for them too. But it didn't stop there…"

   Lilly listened intently. "Well, what else Milly? What else did Jesus say?"

   "According to the Bible, in the book of John, Jesus promised to prepare a place in heaven for all of those who believe in him. That includes us too, Lilly."

   Lilly jumped up from the table and ran quickly to her room to change her clothes. Dressed in her Sunday best with her Bible in a basket, Lilly headed out the door.

   "Where are you going?" Milly called after her.

   "I'm going to tell my friends about the great gift Jesus gave us and the real meaning of Easter"

Do you believe?


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